Saturday, February 20, 2010


One went in search of an honest man in a market place in the bright day light. Finding himself in vain he remarked: " Market is a place where people deceive each other conventionally buying at a lower price giving at a higher price, and which is accepted by all." Thus goes the story of a Zen Guru who used to go the market place every evening, observing all the new products just arrived in the market. He was known to be a saintly Guru who had only a begging bowl and a single dothi at his possession. However, his disciples were scandalized at this particular act of Guru that which expressed a persisting desire for the worldly things. But nobody dared to ask him about it. Days went on, the old Guru fell sick and was bed-ridden. As he was almost nearing the death, one of his brave disciples enquired him about his irreligious habit of market visit: "Dear Master, although you are considered by many as a saintly Guru living a life of complete detachment, why was it that you always visited the market place and looked at the worldly things displayed in the market, with so much of fascination?". The Guru replied: "Oh..! It was a curiosity of mine to see all those newly arrived things in the market which I do not require to live a happy life." Market has its own dynamism, often artifical. their faces are enchating only to attract you, words are sweet like honey only to trap you, commodities are fascinating only to create new demands in you. The magic of the market is that it will generate in you a happiness that can never satisfy you. It is like honey, the more you drink the more you are thirsty. And it doesn't allow you to find happiness within yourself. Another law of market is utility. In market only things that have utility have demand. And when the human relations are marketed the danger is much more grave. Old age, insanity, lack of abilities and charm, powerlessness, poverty etc. take you to the perifery of the market of life. At times, even I wonder at myself when my "contacts" are increasing and relations are decreasing.

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